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Cheer yourself up by viewing these funny memes

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At that time your eyes would be receiving a lot of light and instantly making you cry.


This is actually true coz a Cat can just ignore you when you call .It must be having mood swings.🤣


Poor dog.🤣



The dog actually crammed the 'Ex' prefix and tge rhyming of 's' in the end.🤣It actually thought it was to receive extra fries but found out they were take a walk which is an exercise.


So cat and dogs don't get along, it will be better if you buy them both from an early age, or else get ready to watch an everyday SmackDown show.🤣


🤣 If you can relate to this then you are the boss because this is just too much, I mean the cat is a second away to exploding.


🤣At that moment you just try to keep calm by taking a deep breath but the teacher takes longer than expected. You would be there hoping that the worst shouldn't happen because one mistake you will get a to have a free organ made perfume.




🤣At that time you wasted a lot material doing the project.


At that time you don't care about the red eyes and but then you just want to save the picture for the future.🤣


If you also thought of burning a rolled joint ,then your mind is completely dirty.🤣 The teacher just refered to burning copper fragments.


At that time you feel cool and bossy.😹

14. Students at school cry for getting one question wrong. at that time you got 99% as the exam result.

Then jump for joy in College when they got one question right.😹At that time you got 1% as an exam result but you are just happy for making that achievement.



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