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4 Pets That Are Illegal To Own


Living on the wild side makes life more fascinating. Most people interpret that as going on daring vacations or refusing to accept the status quo, not necessarily picking out an unique pet. However, you might be tempted to try to grow a boa constrictor, an uncommon mouse, or even a huge cat if the domesticated cat or dog isn't intriguing enough for you. But you might be in for more than you think when it comes to keeping exotic pets.

A lot of pet owners aren't ready for the responsibilities that come with keeping an exotic animal. Some even find themselves in violation of American pet ownership regulations.

Americans' ability to own pets is subject to some regulation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, each state has its unique set of laws. Practically anything that creeps, crawls, or slithers is permitted in some places, whereas almost all pets outside domestic cats and dogs are illegal in others.

1. Bats

A few bat species are protected by the federal government. It is therefore forbidden to kill them, even if they end up in your house. But if you've always wanted to build your own bat cave or practice echolocation, you'll find it difficult to do so in the US. The taking of wild bats for domestication is prohibited by the same federal protections.

2. Big cats

Watching Simba and Mufasa was entertaining. However, it can be quite challenging to possess a lion, tiger, or leopard when you reside in the United States. All harmful exotic pets are prohibited in twenty-one states in the US. Big cats also fit within this category.

3. Sugar gliders

A popular misconception about sugar gliders is that they are a cute, nocturnal relative of the flying squirrel. However, a few of states forbid their citizens from keeping these animals as pets. This might be because to the huge, aviary-like area they need. Or perhaps the noise that these tiny animals create was taken into account by the regulators. They are illegal for all the wrong reasons.

4. Skunks

You would assume that someone who would welcome a skunk into their home has gone insane. However, many Americans believe that these animals make fantastic pets. Even if the scent glands of a skunk are surgically removed, there is no guarantee that you will be permitted to keep on e.

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