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'See What Owners Of The Biggest Dogs In The World Look Like When They're With Their Pets [Photos]

It's not always true that bigger is better, but these enormous dog breeds argue that it very well may be the case for your pet. In spite of the fact that larger dogs aren't suitable for everyone, they can be wonderful companions in certain situations. Mastiffs and Bernese Mountain Dogs, two of the world's most impressively large breeds, are recognized for their gentle natures, and many of them make wonderful jogging partners and family pets. On the other hand, a larger dog isn't usually a sign of more responsibility. A research from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna found that larger dogs are less anxious and more obedient than their smaller counterparts. You'll need to give your dog plenty of room to relax or roam, and many will want lots of exercise. Due to the fact that many of them were raised to be watchdogs, you may find yourself with a permanent guard!

Four basset hounds, two golden labs, and a German shepherd live at Drummond Ranch, proving Ree's dedication to the "larger is better" concept. She even has a line of dog treats that are named after Charlie, the Pioneer Woman's late basset hound. To put it another way, The Pioneer Woman is a dog person to the core.

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