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14 Dogs That Run Faster Than Usain Bolt


For more than a decade, Usain Bolt held the title of fastest man in the world with pride. Bolt set astounding records in the 100- and 200-meter events in 2009 that have not been surpassed by any other human. What about dogs, though? It's interesting that dogs can accomplish this feat when no human can.

Usain Bolt, an eight-time Olympic gold winner, can run at a speed of 27.78 mph, which is five times faster than the average person. A few canine breeds, such the Afghan hound, German shepherd, and Greyhound, can, however, outperform Bolt in a race.

Dogs vs. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, an Olympic icon, is renowned for his blazing speed on the field. It's interesting to note that Bolt has even attempted to compete against a metro system and won. However, certain canines who have been specifically trained for the military or for hunting can easily outperform Usain Bolt.

German Shepherds are frequently kept as pets or in the military and are capable of running at 30 mph. They can even run at the same speed as an ostrich because of their strong build and high level of energy. The Jack Russell Terrier, a little breed that can run at a top speed of 38 mph, is an astonishing breed on the list. Fox-chase training is done with Jack Russell Terriers. No surprise they can sprint so quickly.

The Grey Hound, with a speed of 45 mph, is one of the fastest canines out there. It's interesting that Grey Hounds are the front-runners in dog races. Even cheetahs can be defeated by them. A cheetah can run at 70 mph, but it can only maintain that speed for 30 seconds. A greyhound can outrun a cheetah after that.

The complete list of canines that can outrun the sprinting legend is provided below.

Jack Russell terrier, first (38mph)

Deerhound of Scotland 2. (38mph)

Borzoi 3. (38mph)

Dalmatian 4. (37mph)

5. A wolfhound from Russia (36 mph)

Whippet 6. (35mph)

Doberman Pinscher 7. (32mph)

Border Collie 8. (30mph)

9. Alaskan and Siberian huskies (30mph)

10. Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd (28mph)

11. Canine (43mph)

Saluki 12 (43mph)

Vizsla 13. (40mph)

Afghan hound 14. (40mph)

Usain Bolt's accomplishments and brilliance are well known. Above all, though, is what Bolt accomplished in 2009, which no sprinter has matched. Bolt set a record for the quickest time in the 100-meter race in 2009 with a time of 9.58 seconds. Additionally, he ran the 200-meter race in 19.19 seconds, which is the current fastest time in the world.

Usain Bolt is unbeatable in the human world, it would be fair to say. However, humans would be forced to choose between Bolt and dogs if he faced off against them. Who will you decide on?

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