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See 5 Craziest Hybrid Animals Created By Scientists

Humans have managed to add their own creation of animals to those created by God the creator. Humans have mixed two different animals to create one of their own.

Here's a list of most craziest hybrid animals created by scientists:


This is a mixture of a lion and a leopard, it was created in 1910 by scientists in India . Unlike lions a Leopon is a good climber. It eats carnivores such as lions, crocodiles, tigers and if necessary, they eat other Leopons too. These animals are very extinct there are only 100 of them left in the world.


A ZONKEY is a mixture of a zebra and a donkey, this animal has large ears and head just like a donkey. They give birth after 12 months of pregnancy.


This is a strange looking cow with hair all over its body. The hair prevents rain to enter their skin. It is well known for its fresh milk with butter.


This is the fattest pig in the world, famous for its redish tasty meat is high in omega 3. This pig has the freshest and healthiest meat because of it diet, which is wheat, corn and barely. This pig's meat has more unsaturated fats.


These are Philippines small crocodiles which crow up to 3.1 metres. These creatures are born golden brown and later change to dark gold as they grow older.

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