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Bello the boy who was raised by chimps in Nigerian forests.

Well it's very weird for someone to be raised by animals in the wild, but we watch so many movies that depict such, like the movie called legend of Tarzan, where Tarzan is a boy raised by a family of Gorilla's and ever since these kind of movies were released its been unlikely for a real person to be raised by animals.

Well in 1996 a child was found somewhere in the forests of Nigeria, the child was said to be raised by family of chimpanzees. The child's name was Bello and when he was found he was said to be 2 years old and people suspected that he was left there when he was about six months old.

History says that it was a normal practice for a small child to be abondoned in a forest if he/she is disabled among the Fulani tribe. when Bello was found he was said to be walking like a chimpanzee, he would walk bent while dragging his arms on the ground and he would leap occasionally. The news about Bello reached the media about 4 years later which was 2002, and then that's when the world started knowing about the chimp boy Bello.


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