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Spirituality perspective:Snakes in a dream

Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immorality, and healing. Seeing a snake is considered to be a good luck.

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  1. When you dream of a green snake it is proclaimed that it indicates abundance, wealth and nature. In most occasions this nzuza represents one having to carry ubungoma (Based in the sea) of their lineage and the generational wealth that previous generations possessed.
  2. When one dreams of a white or yellow snake it represents inzuza ye sthunywa and prophecy. It guides you on knowing that the water spirit that you carry is more of worshiping and healing in water elements.
  3. When one dreams of a silver, gold or a snake covered with diamonds this symbolizes inzuza yase bukhosini. This snake is associated with Royalty and generational wealth. It can also request to be appeased through ubungoma and other ways depending on their request.
  4. When one is dreaming of a brown snake it is also proclaimed that it indicates abundace, wealth and nature. Yet your ubungoma is based more on ubunyanga meaning you are based on soil herbs than the water herbs.

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  1. When one dreams of a black snake it symbolizes umndawe wo Mfukwa. This spirit is commonly known as the spirit that unsettles as it might be the foreign spirit from your lineage that was adopted by the ancient ones from your lineage through ukuthwala. This means this is a bad spirit to possess as one has to offer frequent sacrifices.
  2. When one dreams of a multicoloured snake it means that they are multi talented.

It is very important for one to understand their identity before embarking on a journey so that you really know which spirits you are invoking and how to go about it. Mostly understand your snake dreams as to they are your wings to your success or disaster.






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