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The most successful hunters in Sub-Saharan African forests the pack (wild dogs).

The pack work as a team in everything they do. When it is time to hunt and one of the female within the pack have puppies, the younger female of the pack remains behind to look after the small puppies. The pack does not risk their puppies by leaving them alone since they know that they are not the only predators. Lions will kill their puppies while hyenas will eat them. Most of their puppies die in the jaws of the lions and hyenas. It takes 4 to 8 wild dogs to defeat one hyena. Wild dogs can bite but their bite is not as strong as of a hyena.


Female wild dogs are needed during the hunt since they are the ones that lead the hunt. Most of the time these female wild dogs are the expert in the hunt. Normally when the pack chases their prey they do what is known as a relay race, when one starts to slow down the other takes over until their prey is exhausted.

 When they catch their prey they don’t suffocate it like other predators, they eat it alive. It is not brutality it is their nature. And they eat very fast because scavengers are everywhere. Lions and hyenas can drive wild dogs away from their kill and eat it.

They eat quick so that when scavengers arrive they are full and ready to head back to their territory or den if they have puppies. Another thing about this wild dogs is that young ones are the first to eat and elders will eat after.

Wild dogs use their stomach to carry food or meat for their puppies, the female left behind looking after the puppies and the injured ones. When one of the dogs is injured he remains behind while the pack goes hunting. When hunters return from hunting they hurl the meat and every member of the pack eats including puppies, puppy sitter and the injured ones. This is how caring the wild dogs are. All members of the pack play a role in raising the puppies.

The other quality of them is that the pack is able to run faster and for a long distance. This does not start when they are grown dogs. When young dogs are just 18months old they join the pack when it hunts. This is to teach them the skills they will need for their future hunting. Normally teenage wild dogs do leave the pack to go out and establish the pack of their own hence the older ones train them so that they can survive in this savage kingdom.


Within the pack ( wild dogs) there is only one female that breeds and only male that mate. All other members help with raising the puppies. 

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