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The Reasons Why Horses So Much Energy And Stamina

We leave in a world full of mysteries, there are many aspects that we really don't even realize how they operate and that thanks to the creator, is the amazing gift of Nature.

Have you ever wondered why and how the heck would race horses quicker and deeper without getting very tired of running? Yes I know many of you asked why they have so much strength and endurance, the response to these questions is:

They have a big or large heart

And still have really large lungs that make them breath well.

Blow is only one illustration of a horse's inflated lungs.


Some of us like to ride a horse and some ought to attempt one, horses is really find to be played with but very risky if you're not cautious, they've been very useful to humanity in several respects from the old days to now.

Horses usually do not assault people or livestock except they are being forced or irritated, including bulling. Their push is pretty serious( kick).

"Horse is a hoofed herbivorous animal, a member of the" Equidae "Family. Horses were widely used as a draft animal until mechanized cars were introduced and now used as a means of transportation."

"The average household horse has a life span of around 25 to 30 years, depending on temperament, treatment and environment. Usually it's very rare to see animals over 40, which isn't so common."

These horses are various styles with varying degrees of endurance and are renowned for their strength and toughness, thanks to their massive lings and big core, making them tough enough to lift bigger loads and carry them on their back.

"Horses have evolved (bred) to have large muscles, a wide heart and powerful lungs by natural selection and that's why a lot of their strength is related to size. Oddly, people have also rared other forms of horses through the years to be far bigger."

Here is an image of a heart of a horse, far larger than that of a normal human being.

Other interesting facts about horses are:

They can sleep either lying down or standing up, which is very amazing isn't it..?

They can run even shortly after they have been given birth to due to their wonder stamina.

One thing about good horses is that they are very high in price compared to other homes animals.

A 19th century horse named ‘Old Billy’ is said to have lived 62 years.

There are 205 bones found in the skeleton of a horse (almost as we humans).

Horses have been man's friend since the beginning.

Horse eat grasses, then the question is where do they get the amount of strength they have from.

Can you imagine, horse’s eyes are capable of seeing almost 360 degrees at once.

Below is a picture of the largest bred gotten so far on earth...

A Stallion is know as a male horse.

A Mare is a female horse.

A Colt is a young male horse.

While a young female horse is called a Filly.

Small horses are called Ponies.

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