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MEET| The animal that lives forever.

Ever wondered if all animal life was going to die at some point? Ever wished you could live forever? Well, next time you make that wish, let it be a wish to become a Jelly fish.

The immortal Jellyfish is an aquatic species. It is mainly found in water and cannot survive ouside it. It has been scientifically proven that this animal will not and cannot die.

Picture: The immortal Jelly fish

What happens when it gets old?

While this fish is known to live forever, it is not because it doesn't age or grow, it does all this. The magic behind this fish is that when it gets old it simply transforms itself to become young again.

Imagine you as a human growing old to the age of 100 and just before you die, you peal off your skin,break open and a child you comes out from inside you. This is the basis of how the Jelly fish lives forever.

When the Jelly fish is old, it sheds its old body, drops to the botton of the sea and practically becomes a baby again.

Picture: A school of Jelly fish

Can the jelly fish be killed?

Answer: Yes

Although Immortal, the Jelly fish can be killed. If another fish happens to eat it, its immortal life ends there and then. Basically if you were to take a gun and shoot it, it would die. God should have at least made it bullet proof.

Another way it can die is if it gets sick, the sickness has to be a very abnormal one, basically the ebola of fish. Other than abnormal sickness, the Jelly fish is able to live till the point where it reverts back to being a new born.

Picture: Jelly fish floating in the sea.

Is there a way to harness the immortality?

Answer: absolutely not.

Even if you were to eat one for dinner for the rest of your life, you will still die. The immortal Jelly fish is basically the chosen one amongst all of us living things. What did it do to deserve it, we don't know. We just need to find aqua man and let him ask it what it did to deserve the endless life.

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Jelly Jellyfish


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