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Sad As World's Oldest Cat Passes Away At 31 Years

The world's oldest cat bows down after living beautiful 31 years on earth. Rubble was gifted to Michele Heritage on her 20th birthday as a kitty. 

Michele lived and loved her cat for 31 years, growing old and wiser with Rubble must have been a beautiful journey for the two. 31 years is approximately 150 in human years.

Rubble was given the title worlds oldest cat in 2019 on his 31st birthday, the cat couldn't make it to 32 years in 2020. Rubble last days were not painful, her owner does mention that he got thin and passed away from old age.

Michele never had children which meant Rubble was treated like her child and was a spoilt cat. 

The oldest cat recorded in history is Creme Puff who died at 38 years of age. It's not often when you think that it's possible for certain animals to live that long, 31 and 38 years it's a long time to be alive as a cat. Imagine all the memories the cat has with her owner and people he met along the way.

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