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"I Want To Be This Dog"- Men Yearn To Be In Her Arms

For a lot of people who are pet lovers, they tend to take care of them as if they are their children. Most black families who love animals want them to stay outside. It is only a small percentage that does not mind having their dogs or cats with their furs all around the house including the kitchen.

Amanda Du Pont is no different. There are pictures of her and a dog that went viral on social media. In some of the pictures, her dog is on the floor and trained so well that it knows when it is time to pose for a picture.

There is one picture that got the interest of many people. Her dog is huge and might be very heavy, but the Skeen Sam actor was seen with a pitbull in her arms, holding it so close to her, hugging it and feeling its warmth. The relationship between her and her dog is tight and anyone can see that they have a strong connection and share a special bond.

Facebook users reacted to the pictures and there were men who said that they wished they were this dog. It is obvious that Du Pont is their celebrity crush. One wonders why they would prefer to be the dog and be in Du Pont's arms.

If they were the dog, would they lie safely in Du Pont's arms or would they be doing all sorts of weird things and not sit still?

Well, a lot of men might agree. The picture is very cute anyway.

Women though, believe that it will end in tears and that Du Pont should sell the dog before it gets old and aggressive. Amanda's pitbull seems like a 'sweet pitbull' though.

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Du Pont I Want To Be This Dog


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