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When I saw what was inside this abandoned dog carrier, my heart broke.

When I saw what was inside this abandoned dog carrier, my heart broke.

Pet owners open the dog or cat to their homes and their hearts and welcome them into the family. But not every pet owner has a heart that is generous. Some are heartless and cruel, like the owner of this gorgeous German shepherd, and take their pain away from the dog by abusing it beyond reason. This pet owner decided to abandon his pooch in a roadside crate and left the dog as quickly as he could in his dust. 

Other people soon found the black German Shepherd. They drove along the road and saw the pooch sitting outside its carrier without insight from its owner. Since the Good Samaritans concerned did not know why this dog would be abandoned, they decided to offer their assistance.

The man with the plan was Richard Jordan. He saw the dog abandoned in Louisiana along a lonely road and knew that the pooch needed some help. Not only did Jordan want to help the dog, but because it was very anxious to be alone in the wild, he also had to help the dog calm down. 

It can be dangerous to approach stray dogs because there is no saying who raised the dog and what they could have trained the pooch to do (maybe an evil person had the dog and trained it on sight to attack others). Richard, however, wanted to do what he could to help. It was for this reason that he tried to soothe the dog and help it relax. But soon he understood that he was out of his league. That's why, to get help from a professional, he called animal control services.

The dog had, as it turned out, a collar printed on it with the name 'Borel.' Clearly, until the owner was finished with the responsibility, this dog was taken care of. He or she left Borel along the side of the road like trash, instead of handing the dog over to a friend or family member or taking the animal to a shelter. 

Richard feared that the owners of Borel were sick of their pooch and tired of it. Richard was concerned that the owners were just trying to keep up with the Joneses when they took Borel into their family, because black German Shepherds are a breeding fad. 

It was well understood that these dogs were too much for the average person, "the man said." Well, this frightened dog in the forest today ... has fallen victim to this. This is the end result of buying fads.

A closer review of Borel showed that he had been microchipped. A breeder from the area of Dallas , Texas, had given him the device and sold it to the owners of Borel. This implies that the owners cared about the dog at one point. With the lovely black German Shepherd, they must have grown "bored" and figured the best thing to do with him was to leave him on the side of the road. Sadly, too many owners of pets are ignorant of what dogs need to be happy about. 

What do you think about how the Black German Shepherd was treated by these pet owners? 

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