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Imposing head of a giant bull elephant.

The elders said up there on Modimolle's highest point lay the privileged insights of the MaNdebele individuals, the elephant-revering individuals of the incredible lord Mokopane.

The divine beings, the olders stated that they didn't need anybody among the living to comprehend their ways, for what man could in any case regard the divine beings on the off chance that he discovered their ways, their privileged insights? 

Modimolle, east of the town, was molded like the wide, forcing top of a goliath bull elephant. For as far back as everybody could recall, it had consistently stood this way, looking out for the town and encompasses like a town senior desirously guarding over his properties.

Indeed, even the trees appeared to hold Modimolle in wonder, for despite the fact that the region around the mountain was shrouded in a cover of sickle bramble trees, not many of them developed on the mountain. 

Each morning the town shuddered under Modimolle's huge shadow, and around evening time, the town unobtrusively tuned in to listen to the melodic notes which went down the mountain through the warm night breeze.

The elders said the particular music, which seemed as though notes from the setorotoro [a conventional mouth instrument] to the backup of drums and shakers, was an indication that the divine beings were lounging around a fire, thinking on the day's occasions.

It was untouchable to criticize these things, the elders stated, for didn't the divine beings detest it when the living criticize their authentic ways, their privileged insights?

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