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A man was seen talking to a snake in Umthwalume

It has been Said that people want to get rich quick without working hard but by just sitting home it is sad because sometimes it involves innocent people being sacrificed.

The man was seen pulled over talking to a snake arguing with it very angry busy opening a boot of a car it also seems like a man is a traditional healer such things are being done secretly why is this man doing this broad day light left many people shocking.

It is summer it's known that Many Snakes are being seen as a beauty of nature by adventurous people some don't believe in such but witchcraft or their ancestors have come to visit them spiritually.

The man seen in Emthwalume freeway talking to a snake believed that he is a traditional healer a biggest one for that matter one may never know because it's now a fashion having a snake as a pet nowadays, though it's not normal in black communities they believe it's all witchcraft.

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