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Rituals To Perform To Attract Money - Opinion

Despite the fact that I frequently discuss the practical aspect of manifestation – mentality, routines, and so on – at my core, I'm all about the woo, embracing my spirit junkie side, and finding new ways of co-creating with the universe. That's why, today, I'd like to dive into the woo and reveal some of the more unique money manifestation rituals I have in my toolbox for attracting cash.

Each of the five money manifestation rituals is intended to enhance your vibrations, allowing you to tune in to and match the frequency of financial plenty.


 It's one of my more basic money manifestation routines, but if your handbag or wallet is full with receipts, crumpled notes, old used store cards, and expired vouchers, I want you to take a time to clear out that energetic space.

When your handbag is messy and not treated with respect, how can money come into it?


One of my money manifesting rituals each morning is to take a money shower. This is where the more cynical among you may click off and go read something else, but one of my money manifesting rituals each morning is to take a money shower.

Allow me to explain. When I take a morning shower, I close my eyes and imagine the warm water as green energy soaking my skin in plenty.

Green energy is associated with financial prosperity, so visualizing it streaming down from the shower, even for a few minutes, will significantly increase your vibrations.


I've used the 3 x 33 method a few times now, and it's proven to be worth its weight in gold each time. Literally.

So, what exactly is the 3 x 33 approach, and why is it one of my money-making rituals?

It's straightforward. Over the course of three days, write your manifestation 33 times in your journal.

Write in the present tense, and assume what you're manifesting has come to completion as you compose each sentence with thankfulness for it actually happening.


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