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After she received a lump sum payment, her available balance left people speechless, here is why

People are always accustomed to spending all their money in bank accounts, leaving no penny to pay bank fees and commissions. Many people became friends after a lady shared her bank notice with them. People are not only interested in the amount of money he received, but also in how much money he has after receiving a lot of money. However, things did not develop as they thought.

 Generally speaking, people are accustomed to believing that their available balance will increase after they receive the money because they think they have some kind of balance in their account. On the other hand, negative bank balances are much more than you think. In addition, when the payment is received, it is a pity to know that this is not the full amount you can receive.

 Even if this lady received R50000, her available amount was only R49866.45. This caused many people who thought she would not receive R50000 questioned and even laughed. Although many people laughed at him, they said that they can find that a negative balance affects every penny you receive afterwards, making you receive less than before.

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 source: Twitter

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