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R350 SRD: approved and did not get your R350? Here is what you need to do.



As it has been announced lately that the R350 has been made available for withdrawal in some of the stores like Shoprite. This only means that people can also apply for their R350 and go get it there. People have been complaining lately because they say that their money is not reflecting in their banks but it is reflecting with paydays on the status.

My point of view and advise.

Here is what you need to do. First of all if you can wait on it, just keep on waiting because even in the past year, many did not get it for few months but later got it in full in the later stage. Meaning that if yours has paydays and was approved. It will reflect in account anytime. So this is not a matter of being afraid and asking yourself when will yours load in. Remember, I said firstly, meaning that there are still some points following.

If yours is approved but paydays are not reflecting. My advice on this is that, please use your banking information or the post office, because even to this matter too, you just have to be patient and you will receive the text massage one day calling you to come and collect yours there. And you can also utalise the method of applying for the the collection at one of the supported stores.

J have realised that this matter of not getting the R350s has raised so much concerns because some need it so badly as the Christmas and New year's Eve approach. So they need foods and stuff to cart those days. But what you have to know is that the government is trying their level best to ensure that this year also would be like next year's December. So do not panic and do not worry.

What is your take in this matter as a reader?

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