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Credit card loan


"Stay away from this card, it's a trap" a man warned followers after cutting his card into pieces

Not all debt can be so easily classified as good or bad. It often depends on your own financial situation or other factors. Certain types of debt may be good for some people but bad for others: Borrowing to pay off. There are some difficulties that comes with having debts if you really cannot manage them. 

A man who had a clothing card for buying on credit recently decided to cut his card into pieces, he warned his followers by sharing pictures of himself cutting the card and captioned his post: "Stay away from this card ma se kind its a trap⛔ stop impressing mense.👍 rather Lay bye ⏳". 

His post opened up a lot of discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of having credit cards. One person in the comment section revealed how they managed finish paying off their debts. In their comment, they mentioned that: "Lockdown really helped me paying these ones. I owed R5600 because I took a phone in 2010. 

I paid every month without fail but it never went down. Last year made a decision to pay it off and I did". Have you ever found yourself in debts, how did you handle the situation? Share your thoughts and thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 

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