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South African Social Security Agency R350 grant updates

Unclaimed unique Coronavirus SRD Awards from the main cycle: influenced recipients have until 30 November 2021 to gather their unclaimed assets at the Mailing station. 

SASSA news I'm worried about my September status it's colloquialism dropped and the reestablish button doesn't work how should I deal with find support. 

I utilized mailing station to apply and today when I checked web-based I saw that I have installment dates,does it mean I can proceed to gather my cash. 

What might be said about those that don't have any mail center close to which were plundered what must they do as their cash is stuck as they can't pull out at fighter since they utilized one number for more than one individual let us know then how should they respond. 

SASSA News truly, would we say we are truly going to accept our SRD awards? From August it's endorsed with no compensation date. In a couple, we'll bid October goodbye and still no August installment. 

Then, at that point, you made us change from cash ships off ledgers, sent us SMSs to do it direly. 

Then, at that point, on Tuesday the twelfth you're surrendering to cash sends once more. 

Which one is which? Wouldn't you say a few of us do require that award. 


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