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Check Out How Your Debit Card Is Scammed At Any ATM Machine

(Photo : Alamy stock)

Pictures are used to illustrate the incident of card scam and the left behind recipient by scammers.

ATM scammers are everywhere and they don't mind scamming right in front of police station if there's a near by ATM. They always act normal as if nothing is going to happen like steal your money or something.

Things to check before attempting to withdraw money at the ATM.

There will be a man who will be at the ATM withdrawing money before you.

You will a receipt left on the ATM like in the picture above by that person.

Soon as you get to the ATM, that person will quickly come to take their receipt while you standing there attempting to withdraw.

It will will be either you have took that receipt and throw it away or it's still there hanging, they will come close to you.

Other fraudsters tactics

They will jam the ATM before you and offer you help to insert or eject your card.

After you inserted a card, the screen won't give you options to insert pin and the card is already in.

While you are tempering to eject the card in frustration, they will come and offer help because you are now stressed and want your card back, in that moment your card will be gone.

When you allow him to help you he will immediately press an option or card less transaction.

That time you will be assured that you now can withdraw or take your card back. They will then ask you to punch in your pin and they will make as if they are not looking but soon as you bow down and insert the pin, they look.

Soon as there's no card ejected out of the card slot they ask you what's going on, you will answer something you don't know and they will leave you.

They will go to the nearest ATM and withdraw all your money because they now have your card and pin.

You will be notified by bank notification that money is out.

Do not share your pin.

Do not save your pin in your phone contacts.

If it's the case that the scam is happening to you, insert a wrong pin and soon as they leave. With the fake pin, call the bank or block the card by using a bank app. Bank numbers are always available on every ATM for all banks and are free of charges.


Content created and supplied by: Stuka (via Opera News )

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