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All 350 grant recipients who reapply late should be aware that they will not be paid this month.

Check your date if you reapplied for 350 today. are Good news for 350 Grant Beneficiaries

Sassa is unable to approve your application and issue payments in the same month. Your application will need to be investigated first. Remember, when it comes to money, no one can be trusted. Outside, there are many more people being scanned. We also believe that an inside job could occur at any time, which is why robust security measures must be in place.

Many people have complained about the 350 grant and have yet to get payment. This does not make sense in some circumstances when people apply and are accepted but not paid. Let us hope that the usage of reapplication will be beneficial to individuals this time. We also understand that Sassa is doing everything possible to ensure that everyone is compensated.

People still have an opportunity to reapply, so if you haven't been paid, don't wait any longer and reapply.

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