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All 350 Beneficiaries Set to check their Status

All 350 Beneficiaries Set to check their Status

Except for the 350 recipients of grants who have been rejected, everyone is content right now.

With 350 grant applications, Sassa has become increasingly rigorous. In which we were paid last season, about 30% of applicants were rejected. Numerous individuals were startled by Sassa's innovative system. Just for a moment, consider how frequently you receive cash in your bank account. Sassa will reject your subsequent payment if someone sent you R 10,000 in your household.

It indicates that there is an issue with your application if you haven't been paid for the past three months. Millions of people have been disqualified for this cycle due to the Social Disaster Act. Those who were fortunate enough to be accepted have already received their payments for June, while those for April and May are still pending. Checking your status on the Sassa website is crucial right now.

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