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Your Sassa 350 is approved but still you haven't received your money read here to solve the problem

Lot of people have been complaining that there are approved to receive thr money but still they don't get it. Well there are many reasons that can make your money delay to reach to the receiver. Firstly lot of people were stressed because their statuses were pending for a long time now there are approved they also complain. Well it's understandable people are hungry and they need their money. But people who chose to receive their sassa srd grand through cash send. It was said that their payments will be delayed but those who are using banks that don't need to worry.

The reason that you might not get your money may happen if you putted wrong bank details. Everyone feel that they putted their bank details only to find out that there are wrong. So that why you must double check all you details before complaining about not receiving money. Secondly if you applied late obviously your application will take time to process your money so you must be patient as our database information are not the same.

People who are approved they don't need to worry. The day they get their paydates they will receive the money. Please follow me for more news. Comment below if you have a question or you have something to say.

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