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Most 350 grant beneficiaries grant are happy when they view their status

In many cases, recipients of the 350 award have been able to continue receiving benefits in their current form. It is the responsibility of those who are still owed money to check their bank accounts to see if it has been disbursed. Problems with various programs caused the processing time to rise, therefore it took longer to complete.

All you have to do to verify your application is go to the Sassa website, click on the link provided by the meter, and sign in to your account. Following lengthy delays, several applicants have been granted permission to reapply in April 2022. Since the Sassa SRD revised its requirements, candidates with a score of 350 or more have been excluded. Because of this change, many people's applications have been denied.

Certain disadvantages result from the fact that not everyone is entitled to a piece of this 350. The 350 Foundation should not exclude someone out of consideration for a grant just because they are unemployed at the time of application. As a Sassa page, I believe you should contact the organization's main office and request assistance.


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