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SASSA payment dates for August 2022 for old age pension, other grants

SASSA's website keeps track of all of its meetings by publishing the dates for each month.

In August 2022, SASSA will begin making payments.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr and the South African Government.

The old-age pension and other payments paid by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will begin in August 2022, as previously announced.

On the South African Social Security Agency's website, the agency offers a monthly calendar for grant beneficiaries to see.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment schedules through August 2022

SASSA's stated payment schedule for August 2022 includes the following dates:

Retirement Benefits for the Aged Payment The second of August is the date on the calendar.

In order to get a disability grant, you must apply by August 3.

Grants for Children and Other Organizations on August 4th.

Grants budget is expected to rise.

According to the Department of Social Development's medium-term prediction, government spending on social grants will expand at an average annual rate of 7.5%. (2022-2025).

This is stated in their 2022/23 Annual Performance Plan. According to the Department's yearly budget, over R175.3 billion (or 9.45 percent) is spent on social handouts.

The Plan said that inflation adjustments and a predicted increase in the number of grant beneficiaries were the key factors behind the projected increase in spending.

The percentage of the population aged 60 and over is increasing by 3% per year. There will be an increase in both the number of persons eligible for and receiving the old age grant as this population grows, according to the report.

As the nation's population grows, so will the number of persons eligible for and receiving the child support award. Unemployment, widespread poverty, income inequality, and poor labor force participation are some of the factors that have led to an increase in child welfare benefits. In addition, a significant number of working parents are unable to appropriately support their children because of the long-term trend of low salaries paid to workers.

Examining the Possibilities of a Minimum Guaranteed Income.

The Plan also said that the Department would begin looking into the feasibility of a basic income award "within this financial year." There have been new questions raised about the reliance on economic growth to address unemployment and poverty, and interest in the prospect of a basic income grant has re-emerged as another lever for combating poverty and inequality, as well as for creating a more inclusive growth path, as per the report's findings.

People have been arguing whether or not a basic income award is feasible since 2020, with the greatest hurdle being the expense.

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