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OPINION - ways to save money in December for January

Saving is not just a word but it comes with different meanings and functions. Saving is the way how you invest either your property or money for the future use. Now let's get deep into this and see if you are saving or planning to do so.

We have different people who can save but will never get the same return or use the savings for the same iteams in future.z

*Saving for a long term

- This type of saving means you would be saving for building a house in the next 5 years or, saving money for tuition of your children at the varsity if you have one.

*Saving for a short period

- You can either save for just one year to use the money in December and January. A lot of people really spends money in December not knowing that they will need more in January. So it's better to save more than to spend.

Importance of savings

1. You always have petty cash for emergency issues

2. You always have money to spoil yourself when needed.

3. You don't go to loansharks looking for cash.

Have you started saving? Hurry up and get to it.

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