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SASSA payment dates: Here’s when you can collect your grants in December

Those getting awards from SASSA will be satisfied to realize that the installment dates for December will show up the following week. This incorporates R350 award recipients, yet they might need to hang tight somewhat longer for their presents. 


When are the R350 award installment dates for December? 

The sitting tight will be negligible for our award beneficiaries, as completely settled installments ought to be made in the initial three days of December. There is no proper date for the R350 award, yet it as a rule clears after the Older Person's Allowance, the Disabled Person's Allowance, and Children's Grant Allowance have all been stored. 

Unsurprisingly, the old will be the first up to guarantee their SASSA awards, and payday falls on Wednesday 1 December for them. Incapacity inquirers then, at that point, follow the following day, then, at that point, kid upkeep installments are made. 

It's quite significant that, when these assets are made free, they will not need to be guaranteed straight away. All monies owed to every customer will remain in their records until an individual is prepared to make a withdrawal. 

SASSA installment dates for December 2021 

You can see the installment dates plan here: 

More established individual's remittance: Wednesday 1 December. 

Handicap remittance: Thursday 2 December. 

Kids' awards remittance: Friday 3 December. 

R350 Grant: No particular installment dates are given, yet they will be actioned AFTER Friday 3 December. 

Recipients cautioned about 'unclaimed assets' 

In the interim, SASSA has likewise acted quickly to remind its R350 award customers about 'unclaimed assets' left over from the primary cycle. Recipients currently have a couple of days to see whether any cash is owed to them, so they can get something back. Also, it truly is an instance of 'utilization it or lose it' – in light of the fact that all extra subsidies will be gotten back to the public authority. 

SASSA payment dates: Here’s when you can collect your grants in December (

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