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I Blew It| People who come to this show have financial advisers but they still blew their millions.

Why does it finish so quickly


Sources: Busand00bs Twitter page

People who come to this show called I Blew It, they are always offered a financial advisers, someone who will help them with their finances as they will manage a lot of money like millions of Rands.

Many people have failed to listen to their financial advisers for the following reasons. I think it is because they get used to the beautiful and expensive life, which it demands them to spend a lot of money everyday. Some already have debts before winning lotteries or RAF money, they start by paying those debts then waste the test of it.

No matter how much their financial advisers helps them, they ended up spending their investments as well. Some fall into illegal scheming as well. People who receives these millions of Rands, they need a better option to spend their money and take care of it better.

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I Blew


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