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Here Is What You Should Do If Your SASSA R350 Was Declined

Many individuals woke up to declined SASSA R350 grant statuses. There are various reasons why the applications could have been decline.

Some of the reasons include, having an income or UIF. this automatically gets your application declined. Individuals who have an income of over R350 are not eligible to receive the grant.

Individuals who are currently receiving UIF also do not qualify for the grant.

In the event that your application was declined, you have the opportunity to send an appeal to SASSA., this will have your application looked through again.

Individuals will be able to send their appeals via the SASSA website. Ensure that your appeal is detailed before you send it.

Some applications may be rejected because of false information, like errors in the name or surname of the applicant or incorrect banking details . To fix this, the individual should updates their details and provide the correct information. .

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