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How many Millionaires are in SA and how you can become one. Lifestyle tips.

Almost everyone in South Africa wants to get rich, it's a goal that people work towards daily. However the number of People who actually become millionaires are very low, this is because money is hard to come by and most people need to spend the money they make trying to survive instead of saving or investing it. So how many people actually are millionaires in South Africa?. I did the research and this is what I found.

Who made it big and achieved there dreams :

South Africa has a population of around fifty eight to sixty million people. However of those people, only thirty six thousand and five hundred are dollar millionaires. A dollar millionaire is someone who has more than a million dollars, when there wealth is converted from rand's to dollars.

When we look at the number of people who are millionaires compared to our population, it's actually a very small number. Exponentially less than one percent. So what does this mean.

Can you become a millionaire :

As we can see from the statistics above, a very small number of people achieve the dream of becoming a millionaire. However just because it's a small number, it doesn't mean that it doesn't have to be you. So below I will tell you what I know about getting rich quickly.

How to become a millionaire :

The thing that everyone thinks will make them rich is saving, however saving keeps your money in one state and leaves it that way. Be Smart with the money you own and start investing it or using it in the right way. Ideally you would want to make a profit out of your money, so start buying things that you know you can sell and flip them for a profit. If you have enough money than you can buy products that you can rent out, which will create a constant stream of income from a single purchase. However if you do have a large amount saved than use that to purchase real estate that will never lose its value and keep bring in new money. What do you think of these lifestyle observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more tips daily.

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