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Sassa: The Good News For R350 beneficiaries

Sassa has brought the good news for R350 Covid 19 grant by approving October month earlier than expected, and that means the R350 beneficiaries will get their money before the end of April. This month, the beneficiaries can expect their payments from the 25th till the end of this month as sassa approved their October application.

The picture above shows the beneficiary's grant status for October, October started to appear to sassa's dashboard earlier this month around 14th, and it's now 18th of October which gave the R350 beneficiaries hope that they will receive their Money early this month.

these are the good news especially for people who are using bank accounts to recieve their R350 Covid 19 grant because they usually get their Money early compared to those who are using post office to get their payments. But it is also the good news for those who do not have bank accounts especially for those who are in big cities because they can withdraw their money in retail shops like boxer and pick n pay.

They will not have to wait for long queues at post office.

Content created and supplied by: Anathi_M (via Opera News )

Covid Sassa The Good News


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