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He Did This To His Credit Card Before Giving It To His Girlfriend- A Lesson Leaned

Many people work hard and struggle to save some money for themselves and also their families. We sometimes have our own partners who are dependent on us, and we have to take care of them financially. Even though we give them financial support, there are limits to finances. You can't spend money recklessly, but you need to spend it wisely by drawing up a budget.

A guy gave his girlfriend his credit card, but Mzansi was left with laughter after noticing what the guy did. He left the card on the table for his girlfriend to find, and underneath it had a written note. He wrote certain things which his girl had to spend the money on, he mentioned that she must spend it on hair and nails. But what made the whole thing interesting was the pin, he left a mathematical equation as a pin that the girl had to solve to get the numbers.

She definitely had some hard work to do before accessing the money, but the equation seems almost impossible for her to get the numbers. I suppose she spent the whole day doing her math without any success until the card owner returned home. She didn't get any dime from the bank even when she had the card on her.

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