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You could lose your R350 SRD Grant if you did one of these two things but have not informed Sassa.

The SRD grant has helped many South Africans who live in poverty and fin it hard to put food on the table. The monthly payments of R350 has helped people do many things, however if you receive it, there are rules you have to follow. Recently Sassa has made people aware that they need to be informed if they do one of these two things. Here's what they are and how to inform Sassa of it.

Rules to follow :

People who have changed their surnames or have gotten married, need to inform Sassa as soon as possible. Failing to do so can invalidate your grant application.

Sassa Validated your information every month, before approving your grant and if your details no longer match, than your application can be declined. To put this simply, even if you were approved in one month, if they find that your details have changed, than you will be declined in the next month.

So I urge all South Africans to Make Sassa aware of these changes as soon as possible, in order to keep receiving your R350.

Already approved :

If you have already been approved for payments in January, the dates have been released. You can check them online by using the link below or keep reading to see the calendar dates provided.

As we can see, the dates correspond with your ID numbers, however this is only for people who collect their money at the post office. If you collect your money in the bank than you have to use the Sassa website to check your date.

While we do not know how long the Sassa Grant will last, I do hope that it continues for a long time as it is a much needed convenience for South Africans.

What do you think of this information, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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