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Switch your Grant to the bank accounts for the best|

South Africa Social Security Agency

As we know that the SASSA benefits are now issued out by the post office, there are things which people must take in to consideration. The beneficiaries are still waking up early in the morning to go and stand to long lines to get their grants, living ATMs behind, so switching their grants will reduce the long lines at the post office which will end up speeding the Covid-19 virus.

Well this was just my suggestion to the young people who stays with our ealders. Some ealders may be doing this just because they don't trust us with their finances, but what if we recruit them to be able to use ATM's, for the sake of saving time and energy.

I don't know if I have said it right, but as a reader don't hesitate to drop off your opinion by commenting on the platform below and don't forget to share and like, I thank you for turning in my channel once again.

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SASSA South Africa Social Security Agency


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