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People needs to pay attention at ATM's because of this scam, see here

With the festive season beginning, scammers will find ways to rob people their hard earned money and they will come with news ways which will be confusing.

There are different kinds of scams which comes as subtle and that could result to a lot of people becoming victims of such criminal acts.

ATM scams are a norm and they have been there for ages, however scammers are now using different strategies to Master their plans.

There's a ATM photo that's trending on social media where scammers have swapped ENTER and CANCEL and it's not easy to notice because they only changed the WORD but the indicators are still as they are in their originality.

" I do see buttons have changed but I dont understand is how is this going to be a problem for old people", one commented

" They have found a way to steal cash send... They temper with the ATM machine, when you punch the pin and voucher number, it goes straight to a certain cell phone number with only 9 digits. If the ATM machine says invalid number, don't leave the ATM, call the person who send you the money to change the pin from their banking app and immediately cancel the voucher. Let's be vigilant guys", another added

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