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Good News to SRD R350 Beneficiaries Who Collect their Money at Post Office and Shops


Although SASSA has introduced a bank payment method for SRD R350, there are people who still collect their money from the post office and other qualifying shops. The bank payment method was introduced so that people could get their money easily and avoid the long lines at the post office, which were adding to the gradually rising number of COVID cases.


Since the back payment method was introduced, there are no longer long lines at the post office and people are getting their money very easily, directly to their home. However, there are a few who didn’t change to the back payment method for various reasons. Some of them are because they don’t have bank accounts, while others are just lacking enough information.


Those who are still collecting their SRD R350 at the post office have been complaining that there is no communication between them and the post office to let them know when they can collect their money. The SASSA official tweeter has just retweeted good news. It said that those who collect their money from the post office and shops will now receive an SMS letting them know that they can now collect their money. This means that the guessing game is over as people were complaining about how they just predict if they can now collect. See the tweet below:



However, in the comments section, people were complaining that they were getting the SMS so late. Some even went on to say that they just go and collect the SMS because the SMS comes late. See some of the comments below:




I believe that waiting for the ska is the best option because you will waste your money going up and down if you just go to the post office without confirmation. At least they are trying to improve their service, but they should also fix their delayed SMS. What are your thoughts?Please comment below.


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