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[Breaking] |You can also collect your R350 From Pick N Pay and Boxer stores

South Africa Post (SAPO) has announced that eligible recipients of the R350 Social Distress Relief ( SRD) grant will be able to collect their benefits from Pick'Pay and Boxer stores on Wednesday 22 September.

The South African Post Office (SPO) announces that approved recipients now can collect their Social Security entitlements from the South African Social Security Authority (SASSA) R350 from the shops.

Only beneficiaries who have received a text message from the SASSA confirming their pick-up or withdrawal point in the Pick N Pay or Boxer Store can use the collection point for the grant.    Show Source Texts

All scholarship holders must have received a text message from Sassa confirming their successful application. Scholarship holders who receive an SMS from SSSA confirming the collection point will be notified on the day of collection .

Pick n Pay collection points exclude BP, Pick n Pay Express, Pick '' Pay Clothing and Pick '' Pay Liquor Store. Recipients are assigned to a store by pick n pay and are asked by the recipients to check in at their collection point before arriving at the store. In addition to the mail, beneficiaries can also collect online.    Show Source Texts

SMS will come from the South African Social Security Authority (SASSA), which will inform beneficiaries that the R350 SRD allowance is ready for collection and will guide them to their confirmed pay N Pay points.

Sassa will be set up from January to March 2013 to register people who receive their benefits through their bank accounts. Beneficiaries will receive their scholarship at the time they do so.   Show Source Texts

You can use your Sassa card to receive social assistance at an ATM, ATM or retail. If you receive a Social Scholarship from the government, your card will be topped up with Social Scholarships on the 1st of each month.

However, if you receive social assistance at a cash register or post office, you have until December end to re-register and receive the new payment card from South African Social Service Agency (SASSA).    Show Source Texts

Payments can be made up to 3 days a month for pension, disability and child benefits. Beneficiaries have the choice of drawing their welfare money from their own bank account or a new golden Sassa card.

A beneficiary who switches to a new Gold Sassa Card does not have to go through a queue in front of the post office to get access to his scholarship.    Show Source Texts

The Pick n Pay Group announced on Tuesday that its branches, including Boxer brand, will process points on behalf of SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) for their pension, disability and childcare allowances.

Retailers have been keeping a close eye on SRD payments, touted as a pilot scheme for basic income support. Sapo said five million South Africans had received their grants from previous SRD disbursements.    Show Source Texts

The budget for the bucket eradication programme was 975 million rupees in the 2015-16 financial year. By the end of February 2016, the bucket system in Britstown, Springbok and Petrusville on the North Cape was wiped out.

New collection points, several of which have been introduced by Sassa, will make it easier for beneficiaries to collect contributions.    Show Source Texts

You may have noticed that misinformation (also known as fake news) is circulating on the Internet. Local newsrooms must follow strict fact-checking protocols before publication. To contact the author, please use the contact details in this article.    Show Source Texts

SApo offers payment services at a limited number of payment points that remain open. Rural beneficiaries who have received their grants at charging points located more than 10 kilometres from alternative payment infrastructure can continue to do so as long as they are within the charging points.

To this extent, the beneficiary needs a confirmation of his social assistance from his local office, which is submitted in a letter.    Show Source Texts

This system will reduce the waiting time for beneficiaries to receive the R350 Social Relief and Distress Grant and make it easier for them to meet COVID-19 requirements for social distancing.

Sassa says recipients are never asked to enter personal information on their mobile phones or click on links. Beneficiaries will receive a USSD message when they are approved with cash on their mobile phone.   Show Source Texts

Pick n Pay Boxer does not manage the application and approval for grants but the collection is conducted in accordance to a process the National Postal Service (SAPO) says it is conducting.

However, John Bradshaw, the retail head of Pick n Pay, said: "At Boxer we pride ourselves on making it easier for scholarship recipients to access their money and ensure they are safe.    Show Source Texts

According to News24, a media publication, it was published by the South African Post Office in the province of Nobuhle Njapha in KwaZulu-Natal and participants who receive a SMS from the South African Social Security Authority (SASSA) confirming their Pick n Pay or Boxer pickup or withdrawal point can use it.

This means taking with you a new golden Sassa card with written or other information about the social assistance system. Pick n Pays Financial Services provides customers with a range of financial services from social and employment benefits to cash payments to RSA, retail bonds, investment loans, mobile money and Eduloan.    Show Source Texts

You will receive an SMS from Sassa that you can pick them up on the day of collection. To make things easier, get your grant online to be sure. At the cash desk, enter your ID number and the mobile phone number with which you applied for the scholarship in order to confirm that you want it.   Show Source Texts

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