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"I gave Ben-10 R2000 until he asked for this "

Being generous can be beneficial. When generous people receive something from others, whether that is a gift, time or encouragement, they are grateful and express this gratitude in a way that is appropriate. Put simply, generous people give for the benefit of others, without counting the cost, and without expecting anything in return.

However, all too often people give past what they have, creating exhaustion, overwhelming credit card debt, and ultimately resentment, discouragement, and internal strife. Extra favors, expensive gifts and special attention are all lovely gestures - until they come with their own price-tags. We're all familiar with getting things from others "with strings attached," immediately intuiting that, by taking the gift, we are now bound to repay it in some way down the line.

Delightfully, good people do exist. People like Phumza. She gave Ben-10 R2000 few days because he had problems to sort out. She did not mind helping until he asked her to send him R5000. Phumza realized that she is now being taken advantage of. She blocked the ben-10 for he was starting to take it too far.

People can take advantage of you, but do not let them. Some people struggle with self-image and self-respect. They may let other people take advantage of them because they do not feel they are good enough to warrant respect. Being treated with kindness or even fair consideration may feel really uncomfortable. If you want to be nice yet not being taken advantage of, then you need to trust others less, and begin doubting and questioning them.

The Ben-10 wanted to milk Phumza dry. He is an exploiter. An exploiter is a user, someone who takes advantage of other people or things for their own gain. Being an exploiter is selfish and unethical.

Stop letting others take advantage of you. Know when to stop being kind to those who don't deserve your kindness.

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