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Truth reveled: The story behind Capitec fees(opinion)


Usually when withdrawing and depositing money, we don't know how much the bank's commission is because they don't write below explaining how they do it or what their commission is, most people think that ATM deposit is the safest way to escape the discounts that banks make, therefore, are wrong in this definition.

Capitec is one of the banks with the highest discount rates when its usurers make deposits, no matter where it stops, be it ATM or teller, but its discounts are very huge, in that many end up finding debt in their account, and do not know about it. where these debts are coming from within your bank account, because the bank never explains.

Banks with the highest number of usurers, such as FNB, Capitec, ABSA and Standard Bank, have very high fees because they are banks that dominate the financial industry in South Africa and everyone trusts them.

Take a look to see the list and how much they charge you when you the deposit into your account and why the money is never completed, even if they show you completely just know that they will didactic it by the end of the month:

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