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All unpaid 350 for May Sassa confirms payment will be made next month on June

Have you been denied payment for the month of May? Finally, there is some good news.

SRD beneficiaries have been waiting for their approaching endorsement status to change in April and May for a long time. After all, they were watching what was going on in a situation where the status had been approaching for far longer than predicted.

People who applied for and selected the money transfer option with their respective banks have been affected by this issue, as those who decided to get cash at mail centers have received the once-over and are gathering it.

Then there are some who anticipate progress. In any case, you will receive some exciting news today. Go to the srd website right now and confirm your April and May conditions.

The long-awaited R350 status dispute is about to come to a close since the government will never let its people down. You'll be able to extend your R350s by several days.

To confirm that your status is clear, go to the credited site for applications and status checks.

What are your thoughts on this as a viewer? Is your development status allowed or prohibited?

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