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Important lesson : Do not save money, there is a lot of risk. Do this instead. Opinion.

Everybody wants to save money. For the longest time It's been best way to ensure you have a good future and you will be able to buy the things you want. However what if I told you that there is a better way to save money, that protects you against inflation and from carelessly spending your save money. Below I will give you a solution that will help you save value rather than money, and protect your from any risk if the economy crashes.

Save for the future :

Before you carelessly dismiss this, I want you to hear me out. When you save money for the future their is a lot of risk. If you are saving the rand currency, than when the value of the currency drops, so does the value of your saving. So even though you saved to buy a house, if the value of the rand drops, even when you are done saving you still may not be able to buy the house. So how do you protect yourself against inflation. There is actually one thing you can buy that holds it's value even through inflation and it's always worth the same amount. That thing is gold.

Hear me out :

Do not run to the store just yet, when I say gold I do not mean your wedding ring or your jewelry. While those hold value, you should rather buy melted down gold and gold bar. These are what sells to places that make gold jewelry. You do not have to buy a large amount either. Whatever money you have saved, use it to buy gold and store that gold away. It will always keep it's value and even though inflation it will always have the same value. Protecting your from future currency issues.

Saving for your future is hard and even though most people tell you to save, it's a less efficient way to do things than to just buy products that keep their value. The reality of the situation is that we can also needlessly spend our money when we are saving. However when we own a valuable product we will think twice about selling it. I urge everyone to at least consider this.

What do you think of this lifestyle tip, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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