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Check Your Status is Good News Sassa has begun making payments on the 350 Grant.

Sassa has recently begun producing 350 Grand SRD segments.

Almost everyone has already downloaded the Moya application to check their status, so do so now.

To apply, call 082 046 8553. It's quite quick; all you have to do is provide your own information, as well as your personal and financial information. In less than 20 minutes, a trigger and fundamental cycle should be doable.

The most straightforward technique for checking a status is to download the Moya program.

Audit that signing up for the Moya app is free, and you can do a variety of things with it.

After President Ramaphosa announced that the Coronavirus certification R350s would be introduced eventually, there has been a surge of enthusiasm among South Africans, who understand that they will use them to buy dinners and other necessities in any case, as the R350s are not expected until the following year.

I understand that people will have to make the most of this 350; it is unpretentious, but it is better than nothing.

Thank you, Cyril Ramaphosa, for returning the SRD 350 Grant; it has a tremendous impact on the lives of the poor and their families.

People will be incredibly grateful if you make the 350 Grant exceedingly strong, allowing our impoverished people to purchase their basic essentials near the end of each month.


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