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I Got Scammed by TymeBank

Banks are supposed to keep our money safe but what happens when your money mysteriously disappears from your account and when you enquire about it, no one gives you a valid reason what happened.

Lufuno Mudau Wa Tshiheni lost his money  and TymeBank is giving him the run around and actually blaming him for his money disappearing.

Lufuno Mudau Wa Tshiheni posted on his social media account that, "Last week someone logged into my TymeBank ZA account and made transaction I reported this to the team and no one was interested in assisting me until I wrote on Facebook seeking for help, luckily someone from TymeBank ambassador team followed my story and help me to open a fraud case with the bank.. from then I did follow up and received a case number under TymeBank authorization, so today while I was checking my mails I came across an email feedback from the bank (Screenshot attached) apparently I'm the person that made transactions on the day I was hacked.. to be honest I didn't make those transactions and no one has an access to my TymeBank account but me, actually I use finger sensor to access my banking app there's no way someone could access my banking app without using my fingerprint.. whoever is responsible for those transactions it's only the bank soo my advice with you guys is never trust TymeBank with your money it's not safe.. be warned"

People have been sharing this post on their timelines to warn others about the Bank, while others reacted that they have never trusted the bank from the start. Others have even voiced their concerns as thy too have been struggling to get hold of their money. One commented on the post that, "This is so sad am saving money in this bank😭😭😭since last of last week can't transfer or buy anything it's on hold."

One commented giving solution to the poster to send a direct message to a ghost hacker who could assist.

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