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Sassa: Payment method for the R350 SRD grant can now be changed on any day of the month

Sassa has allowed the R350 beneficials that now they can change their banking method where they recieve their money at any time and any day. Sassa is encouraging the R350 recipients to change their banking method to bank accounts - usually from post office to their banks.

The reason for this is to avoid the crowding and long queues at post office for those factors can lead to more infections of Covid 19 due to lack of social distance at post offices.

Beneficiaries of Covid 19 Social Relief of Distress grant ( R350 ) are encouraged to use their bank accounts where they will receive the grant to avoid crowding, long queues and lack of social distance at post offices.

Sassa said that banking details can be changed at anytime you wish to. Recipients who do not have bank accounts are encouraged to open their bank accounts since they are not able to use another person's bank details.

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