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How To Withdraw Money Without A Bank Card At Capitec Bank, No ID Needed.

Ever been stuck in a place without your card or your ID and really had to buy something of importance? This can be very frustrating especially if you have forgotten your card and your ID at home when you went out shopping.

Going back home will be a waste of time especially after picking out your favourite outfits and your favourite products. Capitec has now created a way for you to withdraw money without your bank card and your ID.

Not only can you withdraw your money at any capitec ATM, capitec bank has made it possible for you to withdraw money at the following retail shops: shoprite, U-save, Game store and Checkers retail shops that you easily have access to.

It is very obvious that almost everyone never forgets their phones at home. All you will need to withdraw your money is your cellphone and it does not even have to be a smart one as long as it is a cellphone, you can use it to withdraw money from your bank account without the use of your card.

The following steps are to be taken if you want to send money to yourself for withdrawal without a card:

How to send cash using the app

Tap Transact

Tap Send cash and enter your Remote PIN

Tap the button to send cash

Choose "From" account

Enter the amount you want to send

Create a 4-digit secret code (this will be used to collect the cash )

Tap Next

Read the terms and conditions, tick the boxes and tap Accept

Tap Yes to confirm the transaction

You'll receive an SMS with the reference number – send it to the recipient

Send the secret code to the recipient in a separate message

Note: You will need to have access to our banking App in order to send cash

How to send cash using USSD

Dial *120*3279# and reply 9

Accept the terms and conditions

Reply 1

Choose "From" account

Enter the amount you want to send

Create a 4-digit secret code (this will be used to collect the cash)

Enter your Mobile Banking PIN

Note: You will need to be registered for Mobile Banking in order to send cash

After doing any of these two method you will be sent a reference number to your mobile phone number that is linked to your bank account. This reference number will be the one that you will use to withdraw the money either at an ATM or a selected supermarket.

To collect your money at an ATM you have to go to any capitec ATM and press cardless service option on the ATM. You will be asked to input the 4-digit pin you would have chosen when sending the money to yourself. After entering the pin you are as good as done the money will be withdrawn and you can get to enjoy spending it.

You can also use this service to send money to your loved ones wherever they are by simply sharing the reference number together with the pin so that they can go withdraw it at any participating supermarket or the ATM without the need to always have ID with them.

The only down side to this option is that you have a limit to how much you can send. The limit is set to R5000 using the app and only R1000 using USSD.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you used the scholar service before


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