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Stay Away From This Card If You Have Future Plans, Here Are Reasons Why you should Close it- Opinion


Nowadays, things are easier. They allow you to buy clothes using a credit card without having to part with any money. Using a credit card payment method, the supplier screens your banking transactions and gives you a credit that they think you will be able to repay based on your monthly income and expenses. This makes things easy because you get to repay your credit in affordable monthly instalments.



One of the most popular credit cards that most people have is a TFG card that buys clothes at several popular shops. It is popular mainly among students because it seems like it’s easy to get approved to have it. However, many people have been complaining about it on social media, claiming that once you use the buying power, you can never pay it all off because it keeps on increasing the credit every month.


Following all that, an enraged young man warned people on social media to stop using this card. He shared a photo of himself cutting up this card out of anger because of how the credit always increased even if he didn’t buy anything. See the post below.


Based on the comments thread, he is warning people to stop using this card because it usually tarnishes their credit scores and may badly affect them in the future when they want to buy more important things or get a loan. In the comments section, many people supported him and told their different bad experiences with this card. See some of the comments below:



Another tweeter commented, sharing how this card is making things hard for him. "According to the Norton and Lambrianos lawyers, I owe R4461, but when I went to Markham I owed R1625. I told them I was willing to settle the R1625 that I owed as I was advised by Markham cashier, then they agreed to pay me R1625. Now they don't want to give me my paid up letter," another tweeter commented, sharing how this card is making things hard for



I had this card too, and it is very true that the credit increases even when you are not buying. Yes, it’s normal for a credit card to be charged monthly fees, but the ones for this card are too much. I would also advise you to open it or just pay the whole credit at once and close the card if you already have it.


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