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Opinion: In Less Than 10 Minutes You Will Understand What's Wrong With MONEY FROM LOANSHARKS.

Greetings to you all,

Today letstalk about money from loan sharks. This type of money is cannot be in our wallets. I know it may sound like a joke but am telling the truth, money from loansharks it doesn’t buy a mere maize meal, you can't buy something important with it, but you'd rather be spending it on useless things like alcohol and remember your intentions was to loan it so you can do important things with it. When it comes to all that you wanted to do it disappears in your mind and once you start borrowing money from loansharks then your life will be stuck because you will achieve nothing from your salaries. You will work day and night but you wont see what you working for, because all the things that you supposed to be doing with your salary will all go to Loan sharks. When I am saying loan sharks I don't mean those who are taking chances. I mean those who know the game and those you can’t transfer them money into their bank accounts. They want their money cash, in their hands because they really know their game. If you want to make them angry tell him or her that you not around and you will transfer money in their bank accounts. I swear there are some words that are going to come out, not pretty words. And also be weary of some family members too, friends or colleagues can be very dangerous remember money has power over everything.

So here are my tips for you my people, if you don't trust a person, even if it's someone quiet close too you. Whenever you have to give them money by hand, just tear a piece from the corner of the note, just a small piece and hand it over to that person. Trust me they wont even do anything to that money, because it has a missing piece. Money that has a missing piece, you can do anything with it, but it you can't do dark magic with it, it will never work because you have torn a piece of it.

Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



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