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Rejected for 350 check here why?

Currently, there are 350 grant beneficiaries who are relieved to get payments.

Following a three-month interim period, the 350 grant payment dates have been revealed. People in poverty are currently experiencing happiness because some of them depend on this money.

Because other applicants were refused the 350 prize, some individuals are dissatisfied with their standing. At this time, a significant number of the 350 applications were declined, and we do not know why. According to the new rules, every candidate will be subjected to a means test, and anyone with a monthly income of R350 or more will be disqualified from the program. In the past, applicants' financial circumstances were not checked until they appealed a decision denying them help.

If you check now, you'll find that 80 percent of the 350 qualified applicants for this position are eligible for payment, while the rest will be refused. The previous program has been replaced with a significantly more advanced system. Launch the Sassa application to determine if you are in a secure location.


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