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Good news for 350 grant beneficiaries

Good news for 350 beneficiaries, Sassa made 350 grant payments today. We hope all people whose ID numbers end with 084 and 089 did get their money.

Since Monday Sassa has been making 350 grant payments. As for tomorrow, Sassa won't make any payment because it would be the weekend. During weekends and holidays Sassa does not open or make any payments, all payments are done during the week.

Sassa has acknowledged that they are people who haven't paid. The advice for people who are still struggling to get their 350 is to double-check their application. The current advice is to update their bank and also to double-check they have putten correct bank account.

Let's hope everyone who was waiting for payment today we're paid. Only the people who registered to collect their money at Post Office have that big advantage to know their paid date easily. For those who registered using their banks the payday will only be confirmed when after they double-checked their application and approved it.

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